Thursday, March 3, 2016

Medallion Center for Fort Worth MQG...behold the rainbow

The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild has a medallion quilt "round robin" going. It is not a round robin where others add borders but every month we add a border, to our own center to get our name in for a drawing each time and there will be a grand prize at the end.  It is nice as there is no pressure to have to do a certain amount of borders or a certain style/pattern but the idea and an example to follow or embrace is on the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild site as they did this last year. I love the rainbow/color wheel quilts with a bit of color blocking and began mine with this in mind.
“This quilt was made using an Autumn Street pattern.” link to the shop:

the center block is 18" finished
Now working on the next round...

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