Monday, March 28, 2016

Catching Threads

A little thread catcher is always handy so I made some to have as a quick gift for friends.  I then started thinking of all the things one could "catch" and came up with this list
  • Pistachio shells as you eat them
  • Put on your desk to hold Staples that you remove from papers with the staples puller
  • Put in cup holder and catch Starbucks to go cup plastic plugs
  • Put by machine to catch binder clips as you take them off
The pattern was from the internet blog Fabric Therapy and was mostly hand sewing. I did some modification to do a bit more of it by machine sewing.


 My Machine Sewing changes:
  I made the bottom by sandwiching the circle and sewing on the machine

Cut two circles from medium weight cardboard (mine were some old postcards I had laying around) glued batting on each of them them glued them together

Put glued bottoms on fabric


Used zipper foot to sew around bottom

Nice and easy

Pinked round  Bottom finished

  Followed pattern and used Pringles "can" for the inner ring.  After sewing the side I then folded up in half and inserted the ring.
Folded in half, ring ready to insert

Inserted ring
Then sewed the top together on the machine and hand stitched ring in place. (I did sew one of the rings on the machine, but was just too fiddly making my hand sewing oh so much quicker. )

Top matched at seam and clamped

Ready to sew together

(sorry lite is wonky) Sewing top

Top sewed all ready to slip in bottom and finish

Finished off by hand sewing the bottom in.

Ready to sew in the bottom

Now have a few that will make great gifts for crafty friends and others.

Still thinking of other things one can catch in this handy fold down tread catcher.
Behold it can catch M&Ms.
All ideas welcomed!

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