Saturday, June 4, 2016

Morning Coffee View and Discovery

Each morning I can I sit on my patio to sip my coffee and contemplate the world. My world from the patio gives visual as well as audible hits of what is out there. Miss Kitty (I know he is a he but all my cats are called Miss Kitty) sits with me and contemplates the world too.  Today the baby squirrels were going wild in the trees chasing each other, talking to each other and making the other fall out of the tree coming crashing down only to run back up and start the chase again. The crows were very loud calling to each other, the male red bird was chirping "all is safe at the feeder" to his mate and she came to eat while he stood guard. Rain has been going on for a week here so all is very green and foliage abundant. My and Miss Kitty views:

Kitty and me bringing in the day
 Then...looking across I see a white dot in the railroad ties and walking over I discover the most beautiful, delicate white mushroom...Wow, where does a white mushroom come from?

Really, really cool. 
Have a great weekend and my you find your magical mushroom. I am off to the sewing studio now to find some magic for sure. 


  1. Mushrooms really are magical, popping up in unexpected places, so many different shapes & colors. Love this peek into your daily routine.