Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rainbow Border 3 - Geese Flying

My Modern Quilt Guild round robin quilt got its third border. Flying Geese!  Flying geese are not my favorite thing to make but I love how they look. I knew I wanted a border with them but could not see myself making a gob of them to ring around as a border let alone with any of the methods that never seem to work for me. Paper piecing seemed my best bet so off to the internet I go and found a wonderful pattern  by Patrice Trnka Adams and it fit the need perfectly.
I made each color run and then decided to keep it simple by using 4 of the runs.
Second border "color trail"

Testing the geese flight

Geese Flight now in orbit
I like the simple and easy flow and I'm glad I did not try and go overboard on the amount of geese. The clean lines make me happy. Wonder what I will put next? Borders are harder than one would think...hmmm...

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