Thursday, December 6, 2012


Yes, I like totally feel this as Christmas comes faster and faster and I quite frankly think I will be looking at my Christmas tree and saying this on December 25.  I have the following sewing projects to finish and I am not prepared to even know if I can get them done. 
1.  finish machine quilting Alaska Round Quilt and bind it. 
2.  Finish flying geese as the next clue comes out tomorrow and I had promised to be caught up each week
3.  Hot pads for office people gifts and cookie mix in jars
4.  pillow cases for Christmas gifts for 7 people
5.  Make a pin cushion for gift exchange for guild party
6. AND there is probably something I have not even remembered to put on this list~

Must get off this computer as that is one way I do not get sewing done, but I do love my tech time. 
Merry Christmas and off I go dashing through the house, up to the sewing studio to get my Santa on. 

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